S   O   M   E   D   A   Y

R    I    V    E    R

Someday River is an experimental folk rock project and art platform envisioned by Greyson Charnock in Spring of 2015. Incorporating sweeping drum patterns and  funk bass over songs rooted in folk, the band crystallizes into their full sound.

 "Over the Weather", their first new song since 2016's Sleeping Sideways EP was released, is a bold step forward for Someday River... puts the band’s technical prowess and thoughtful songwriting on full display."

- Paste Magazine

"Today, they’re a trio capable of a whole lot of sonic depth and atmosphere with a tall, dreamy indie-pop sound."

-Bao Le Huu, Orlando Weekly

"Experimental folk act Someday River have just released their Sleeping Sideways EP, and it’s a can’t-miss."

-All Things Go