S   O   M   E   D   A   Y

R    I    V    E    R

Someday River is a musical endeavor created by singer-songwriter, Greyson Paul Charnock. Primarily an art rock band, they are known for a multi-genre approach, with facets of folk and psychedelia. Early visions of the project began in 2011 while Charnock was pursuing his degree in fine art; studying drawing and printmaking. The name eventually stuck in 2015. Heavily impacted by the death of his father at a young age, Someday River employs recurring motifs: duality and paradox, forgiveness and fortitude, existential uncertainty, and self-revelation. 

 "Over the Weather", their first new song since 2016's Sleeping Sideways EP was released, is a bold step forward for Someday River... puts the band’s technical prowess and thoughtful songwriting on full display."

- Paste Magazine

"Today, they’re a trio capable of a whole lot of sonic depth and atmosphere with a tall, dreamy indie-pop sound."

-Bao Le Huu, Orlando Weekly

"Experimental folk act Someday River have just released their Sleeping Sideways EP, and it’s a can’t-miss."

-All Things Go